“Look at that UAP report!”

Good news America! A group of elected officials succeeded in doing something useful for a change and we are finally going to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomena. Ok maybe not, but that is what we were hoping for. What we got instead was a 9 page summary of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) […]

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UFO Disclosure or Deception?

The truth is out there and so are the lies….. By now almost everyone has heard that the U.S Government is expected to release a report this month on UFO sightings, how they are being investigated and what the U.S. military is going to be doing about them. We never thought we would live to […]

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UFO 911

Around midnight on December 14th, 1994 people in Trumbull County, Ohio began calling 911 to report a strange low flying craft that was lighting up their homes and moving silently through the treetops.
We have the actual recordings of these 911 calls and you will hear the people in dispatch go from joking about there being something in the water, to basically freaking out when the craft powers down a police cruiser they sent to investigate.
We are joined again by Mr. Thomas Wertman President of the Ohio Mutual UFO Network, listen as he takes us through the dispatch recordings and the eerie events that followed.

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Mutual UFO Network Interview In part one of our interview with MUFON president Thomas Wertman we listen as he tells us all about the various cases the Mutual UFO Network has investigated in the past. Thomas also explains his own journey about how he went from a UFO enthusiast to investigator to president of the […]

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Circleville Letters 3

In our final episode about the Circleville Letters, we travel to Circleville Ohio and interview a local historian who received a strange letter around the time Paul Freshour was up for parole. Could this be the work of the Circleville Letter writer?

We also have Michael Prelee on he is the author of the mystery novel Murder In The Heart Of It All which was based on the events of the Circleville Letters.

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Circleville Letters Part 1

Show Notes: THE WHATEVER REMAINS PODCAST– Great information on The Circleville Letters the Circleville letters – Sitcoms Online Message Boards – Forums The Mystery of the Circleville Letters | Mental Floss Circleville Letters Mystery Still Unsolved | Historic Mysteries The Circleville Letters : UnresolvedMysteries (reddit.com) Murder in the Heart of It All (Tim Abernathy): Prelee, […]

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