Circleville Letters 3

In our final episode about the Circleville Letters, we travel to Circleville Ohio and interview a local historian who received a strange letter around the time Paul Freshour was up for parole. Could this be the work of the Circleville Letter writer?

We also have Michael Prelee on he is the author of the mystery novel Murder In The Heart Of It All which was based on the events of the Circleville Letters.

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Circleville Letters Part 1

Show Notes: THE WHATEVER REMAINS PODCAST– Great information on The Circleville Letters the Circleville letters – Sitcoms Online Message Boards – Forums The Mystery of the Circleville Letters | Mental Floss Circleville Letters Mystery Still Unsolved | Historic Mysteries The Circleville Letters : UnresolvedMysteries ( Murder in the Heart of It All (Tim Abernathy): Prelee, […]

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The Forest Through The Trees

Investigator Paul Hartman takes on the tough questions our listeners are asking. In light of the recently released BCI report, Paul still believes that Bryon Macron was murdered. Medina Co. prosecutor closes case of Bryon Macron’s death but family says justice hasn’t been served ( Death of Lafayette Township Trustee Bryon Macron closed, for now […]

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Murder Lake Episode 5

We interview an eyewitness who saw something very strange going on down at Chippewa Lake the morning Bryon Macron disappeared. We also hear a lot more from Paul and Victoria. Plus who said anything about missing funds? Find out! MEDINA CORRUPTION – ALL THE NEWS THAT’S FIT TO PRINT, BUT WASN’T UNTIL NOW! (7) Justice […]

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