Understandable Fascination

My brother Dan and I have always been driven by a sense of curiosity about the world around us. From exploring historical sites to arguing about the meaning and origins behind the native American mounds and earthworks in our area. I guess were just curious. I know we will never get it all figured out anyway, no one will.

There is whole lot out there we will never find answers for but it’s still worth a look. People like us are fascinated by mysteries, conspiracy’s the paranormal and the unexplained. But who isn’t? This is an understandable fascination if not a unique one, most of humanity is with us on this road. It’s called the “big picture “.

So far The best way we found to chew these mysteries over is through the ancient art of storytelling. You can find a lot of truth in stories, even in far flung tales or dusty old legends.

Millions of people from all over the world have reported seeing UFO’s and they all have a story to tell about that encounter. We don’t have to believe all of them, hell we probably shouldn’t believe most of them. But you know what? something is happening and it’s worth talking about. The truth is out there somewhere…. The same thing is true with paranormal sightings and ghost stories,these kind of tales that date back Millenniaum almost to the first campfire. We are still in to them they still do something for us.

Thats what this pod cast is really about …..stories.

The stories we tell ourselves and each other. From fireside folktales to whispered conspiracy theories we want to hear yours and share ours.

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