Cursed Objects

All those lovely things have a way of unleashing misfortune

Many years ago I had the chance to visit family over in Ireland. Somehow after one of my many trips down to the local pub for a creamy pint of Guinness, I allowed my Aunt to convince me to go with her to a local antique shop. I’m not sure how but there must be something in Irish stout that makes me very aggregable, because I pulled myself away from the barstool long enough to find myself digging through musty old piles of other peoples memories. apparently antique stores the world over are pretty much the same. They are all filled with old glasses, books, maps and a bunch of hats and scarves no one is willing to wear anymore.

Evalyn Walsh McLean (August 1, 1886 – April 26, 1947) was an American mining heiress and socialite who was famous for being the last private owner of the cursed 45-carat (9.0 g) Hope Diamond

Well after browsing for a while I found something I did actually want to buy (a sterling silver ring). I thought it would make a great souvenir, so just as I was about to slide it on to my finger my Aunt yells at me “stop, don’t put that on” Why I asked a little annoyed “you could get a spiritual attachment from some one else’s jewelry.” Ok I thought that’s crazy talk. Who has ever heard of something like that happening? Well I didn’t get the ring and it wasn’t because of “superstation” either, I just really just wanted to get back to the pub for another frothy round. Anyway I forgot all about that incident until I happened to stumble upon the Horrifying History podcast.

There are a lot of podcasts out there, but Horrifying History has got to be one of my favorites. I mean how can you not like a show that’s eclectic enough to cover everything from time travel all the way to tales of being buried alive? And do it well. That’s why I got so much respect for Brenda the host she is definitely doing her homework. Each episode is extremely well researched and entertaining and she also happens to be kind of an expert on cursed objects.

here are two fantastic episodes all about cursed objects (Special thanks to our friends at Horrifying History for allowing us to post them here)

The first one is all about cursed jewelry. My Aunt would love it!

Episode 4 – Cursed Jewelry
I love jewelry, but there is some that even I will not wear.  Why?  Because it is cursed.  This episode you will hear about jewelry that left a path of death, destruction, and sorrow for anyone who comes near it.
Welcome to Episode 4…Cursed Jewelry

Now listen to Horrifying History Episode 20 – Cursed Paintings

A curse is any expressed wish that some form of misfortune will befall on a person, place, or object.  Some believe that curses are created by a supernatural power while some believe that it can be created by magic or witchcraft.  It is also thought that sometimes events occur that stain a person or object, and because of this a curse develops.
Many things are said to be cursed.  There is a bunch of lore that talks about many kinds of things that are said to be cursed, but for me cursed paintings stands out.  I love antiques.  The thought that a piece of art that I bring into my home may cause destruction and pain is not something I usually think about, but when I researched some of the stories that you will hear today – the hair on the back of my neck stood up.
Welcome to Episode 20…Cursed Paintings.

Who knows what’s lurking in your local antique shop!

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