The Mysterious Death of Bryon Macron

Abandoned coaster at Chippewa Lake

It’s been almost four years and we still don’t have very many answers in the death of a respected Lafayette Township trustee named Bryon Macron. But why not? Could it be that powerful people are afraid of what his death could do to their careers or even to our entire community if the truth about why he died got out? Shouldn’t we be questioning the official findings that Bryon acted alone? I mean it’s ridiculous to even imagine that he could somehow pull off this exotic and extremely complicated suicide. One that took place in multiple locations and than somehow manage to hide his own body in a frozen lake. There are a lot more motives of why someone would want Bryon dead than there seem to be for why Bryon would want to commit suicide anyhow. For one there is the Nexus pipe line a very controversial and lucrative project that Bryon Macron stood in the way of. After Bryon’s death a lot of people made a lot of money from Nexus.

We have always thought that this case is tied to Nexus and local politics. Make no mistake this was a murder. There are a lot of moving parts to this case, to say it’s complicated is a major understatement. One thing holds true right from the beginning we could see the makings of a cover-up.

Trustee Bryon Macron at the Lafayette Fire Station

So what really happened to Bryon Macron? How can a loving family man, Marine Corps veteran and a pillar of his community suddenly disappear just a few days before Christmas? This is a truly puzzling case. One where the authorities acted strangely right from the start. For instance after finding Macron’s township office in shambles with his blood on the walls and carpet investigators began to float a theory that he may have gone to California. When a few months later his body was found in Chippewa lake an autopsy revealed he suffered six stab wounds to his body…. Oh and there was no water in his lungs. That has to mean he was dead when he was put in the water. Yet the authorities can’t or won’t determine if he died by murder or suicide. Despite the fact that the multiple crime scenes were a veritable feast of forensic evidence.

On this season of Invisible Ships Podcast we are trying to get to the bottom of this mystery and get justice for Bryon Macron and his family. We go in depth with interviews with Bryon’s wife Victoria and a federal investigator who is taking up the case. Listen to their interviews and decide for yourself who killed Bryon Macron and why.

Listed bellow and in no certain order are the most common theories that were either raised by the authorities or on the hearts and minds of local residents of what really happened to Bryon Macron.


The official cause of Bryon Macron’s death was ruled undetermined in 2018. Suicide has been implied by law enforcement but just doesn’t seem to be very likely, for one there seems to be simply no reason why Bryon would want to kill himself. He had a good job, a stable marriage and the respect of his community. By all reports Bryon’s life was a good one. He had no known depression or mental illness.

Another reason why suicide doesn’t fit the bill is because this just doesn’t look like a suicide. In most suicides both the cause of death and locating the body are fairly easy and straight forward. Often their is a note. Suicide by knife accounts for less than 8% of all suicides nationally, remember Bryon was a marine who had firearms and knew how to use them. If he did intended on killing himself he likely he would have used a gun at least statistically.

So how can a guy begin to commit suicide in his office and than be found miles away in a lake with out any water in his lungs? Even imagining a scenario where he would be able to get in his car after furiously stabbing himself in his office and drive several miles to the beach, than get out (without leaving a trace of blood) finish killing himself in the lake. It just doesn’t add up especially when you consider that when he was found months later he had no water in his lungs

What about his wife?

Most people are killed by people close to them so it is natural for police to suspect a spouse. While Victoria Macron was possibly one of the last people to see Bryon alive (there is an account she saw him at 2:08 am when he woke up to a a message on his cell phone and left the house to go to his office at the township admin building). We really have no reason to believe Ms. Macron would have anything gain from his passing. Neither Victoria nor Bryon were engaged in a affair, Victoria has not remarried or shown any increase in income with his passing. There was nothing financial to gain. The macron family inherited nothing but grief and heartache as a result of his death. It should also be noted that Victoria Macron has been a true champion for Bryon and is leading the fight to bring her husband’s killers to justice

Something to do with his role a township trustee

Bryon had spent time with a fellow township trustee just a few hours before he was killed. We also suspect Bryon went to the township trustee building around 2:08 am after receiving a message summing him there. Who could have lured him to his office at such an unusual hour? Perhaps a trustee? What would any trustee have gained by killing Bryon who appears to have maintained good friendships with most of them? Was Bryon exposing something the others were apart of? Who ever killed him must have known what to say to get Bryon out of bed as well as being familiar enough with his office to know that there would be no security cameras at the township hall. 

Fire levy and the Nexus Pipeline

 At the time of Bryon’s disappearance there were many concerns about the land and the route on which the Nexus pipeline was meant to be built on. There were also plans to build a new fire station and the trustees were trying to pass a levy.  The fire station could produce angry citizens as many people were furious about the nexus pipeline and it’s location. Also noted there was an “angry citizen” who was supposed to meet with Macron at 8:00 am on the morning of his disappearance. 

Did the Sheriffs office has something to do with it?

The Medina County sheriff took control of the crime scene, collected evidence and performed the interviews. There is some confirmation that Bryon reached out to Sgt. Sanford from the Sheriffs Office to have him present as backup for the meeting with the “angry citizen”. This is disputed by Sgt. Sanford who says he was never contacted about this matter. Sgt. Sanford retired from the department about two weeks after Bryon went missing.

Angry citizen

To me personally I think this is a misdirection. The angry citizen is fictional. What is true is that there were a lot of upset citizens around this time with the recent fire levy and nexus pipeline. Bryon was not one to upset people and while he was for passing the fire station levy as were the other trustees Bryon stood strongly against the Nexus pipeline. Even if Bryon did have a meeting with a angry citizen so what? The meeting was scheduled for 8:00 am so it is extremely unlikely that this citizen would have been able to get Bryon out of bed at 2:08 in the morning and lure him down to the township complex and kill him. 

Something in the whole sale Jewelry business

Sometimes we hear dark rumors of black market diamond deals and organized crime. This is a pretty sensational theory to be put forward but it is one people seem to enjoy imagining. It is probably one of the least likely theory as well. Bryon’s day job was as a sales rep for jewelry producers. He sold to retail outlets. He did not have contacts with diamond cutters in Belgium or mine productions in Africa. The samples of the stones he carried were mostly Cubic zirconia. Medina county Ohio as far as anyone knows is not a spoke in the trading hub for black market diamonds.

Listen to our show to hear these theories and more discussed by the person who knew Bryon Macron best, his wife. We will also have on a retired federal investigator who has taken this case. We are getting closer everyday so lets give this story as much media coverage as we can and get the truth out there. It’s time for Bryon Macrons killers to be afraid…. Justice is coming.


  1. I always wondered about this. It never seemed right, the line the sheriff & trustees were spinning. I have a picture of the Servpro truck that was there cleaning up the evidence even before the state of ohio was called in. Why was that? What were they trying to cover up? I will be listening as you uncover new items, and question those involved. Thanks for keeping a light on this!

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  2. Karen – I am a close friend of Bryon’s wife. She asked me to reach out to you and request a copy of the photo that you have. Is there a way she can get in touch with you?


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