These are the minutes from a very interesting meeting of the township trustees.

Regular Meeting
Monday, October 16, 2017

Meeting called to order: 6:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Members Present: Trustee Lynda Bowers, Trustee Michael Costello, Trustee Martin Warchola,
Fiscal Officer Shirley Bailey.
Trustees approved going out of order on the agenda. Ms. Bowers announced judicial candidate,
Mr. Gary Werner is present this evening and wishes to speak briefly. Mr. Werner introduced
himself as the republican candidate for the Medina Municipal Court Judge position. Mr. Werner
encouraged everyone to review the Medina Municipal Judge candidates in order to prepare for the
upcoming election. He left a handout for anyone interested in obtaining more information about
him and encouraged the voters to reach out to him with any questions or requests for additional
Ms. Bowers announced on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7, 2017, the trustees will be having
an open house which will be published as a special meeting. The trustees will be available in the
service department bays to discuss any resident questions, concerns, etc.
Mr. Costello moved to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of September 18, 2017 and
Special Meeting of October 3, 2017. Mr. Warchola seconded the motion. All voting in favor.
Financial Report: Ms. Bailey reported:
Fund Balance: $2,178,450.33
Pooled Investments: $2,152,836.71
Available Checking Balance: $25,613.62
Ms. Bailey provided copies of the certificate for the Amounts & Rates to the trustees and
requested approval.
Resolution 22-2017 Mr. Warchola made a motion to approve a resolution accepting the
Amounts and Rates as determined by the budget commission authorizing the necessary tax
levies and certifying them to the county auditor. There were no changes made on the
Lafayette effective rates. Mr. Costello seconded the motion. All voting in favor.
Deputy Harhay reported 429 calls in Lafayette Township for the month of September with an
additional 70 calls to the Village of Chippewa Lake. He gave a brief breakdown of the nature of
the calls.
Deputy Harhay confirmed Lafayette Township trick or treating will take place on Tuesday,
October 31st 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. and the Village of Chippewa Lake’s trick or treat hours 6:00 p.m. to
7:30 p.m. He ensured they will be patrolling the neighborhoods. Deputy Harhay also confirmed

one police cruiser be present at the Halloween Event on Saturday, October 28, 2017 from
11:45a.m. to 2:00p.m.
Service Department Report:
Mr. Evans reported:
 Mr. Evans announced that Westfield township has agreed to share half of the cost of the gas
powered sign post driver ($2313.00) from Readi Driver
 A majority of the signs throughout the township have been replaced with the mandatory Retroreflectivity signs. Most of Chippewa Lake’s signs have been replaced. Mr. Evans requested a letter
drafted by Mr. Thorne be sent to Chippewa Lake regarding the non-compliant signs that are not the
retro-reflectivity signs.
 Mowing of the complex, Lions and Tech parks, cemeteries, and township property’s has resumed
because the grass is once again growing due to the recent rain
 An Egypt Road resident called in and voiced concerned that work was going to potentially take
place on her property. It was confirmed the work was going to be performed by Aspire Energy and
would take place within the townships 30 foot road right of way. Mr. Costello and Mr. Evans
addressed the residents’ concerns.
 PERRP, Public Employee Risk Reduction Program was here on October 10th and performed an
 One of the warnings received from PERRP is the old grass hopper mower does not meet OHSA
safety requirements and is no longer complaint. The trustees agreed to have the mower taken out of
service immediately and consider placing in the city auction and will budget appropriately for a
replacement in 2018
 Fencing and vehicle impact protection has been installed around the fuel tank on the complex in
order to be complaint with OSHA regulations along with a new fire extinguisher housed inside a
cabinet with the new emergency shut off sign hung
 Mr. Evans stated that PERRP recommends a hazard cabinet be purchased to store any flammable,
combustible, hazardous materials at a cost of approximately $1000 to $1500.00 and recommends
purchasing a size that would accommodate future growth. Chief Hall recommends having the
cabinets in the fire stations as well
 Replaced the outdoor light with weather proof cover over the truck bay due to rusting
 Cleaned gutters on service and administration buildings
 Weeding flower beds on the complex and at the commons
 Mr. Evans has received one quote back out of four for the replacement of the missing siding on the
dug-outs and concession stand and a quote for replacement windows in the administration building
and requests budgeting
 Mr. Evans reminded the trustees of the meeting at Waltz Church regarding the cemetery project on
October 18th at 10:00 am. Ms. Bowers will attend
 Mr. Evans explained the cross at St. Paul’s Church in Medina is a columbarium, not a community
cremains burial. He passed out a handout with the columbarium information of where St. Paul’s
purchased their cross
 Mr. Evans has secured a hay wagon for the Halloween event. Tim Holzman has offered his tractor
and volunteered his time to drive the wagon again this year. The hayride this year will be held
around the baseball fields here on the complex for safety reasons

Mr. Costello stated Mr. Evans has performed a fair amount of work to address the corrections required as a
result of the PERRP inspection but there is still some additional work needing completed.
Fire Department Report:
Chief Hall reported a total of 48 runs for the month September (7-Fire, 34-EMS to Lafayette Township, 1-
Fire, 1-EMS to Village of Chippewa Lake, 0- Fire, 2-EMS to Gloria Glens, 0-Fire, 3-EMS Mutual Aid, No
report on Mobile Integrated Health). Fuel Usage: 292.7 gallons of fuel, 1,749 miles were logged on
vehicles. 2,406 hours personnel hours for calls and trainings.
Chief Hall reported all pump tests on the apparatus have been completed and each has passed. Hose testing
is underway and he anticipates it being completed by months end and all hydrant testing has been
Chief Hall presented a resignation letter from Captain Carl West which Ms. Bowers read aloud.
Ms. Bowers moved to accept Captain Carl West’s resignation and approve a six month leave of
absence as requested. Mr. Warchola seconded the motion. All voting in favor.
Mr. Costello requested during Mr. West’s six month leave of absence that the fire department receive back
Mr. West’s pager and radio. Chief Hall agreed.
Mr. Costello confirmed Fire Programs will be terminated at the end of 2017 as the department has signed
with a different company with an annual savings of $1,000.00.
Mr. Costello explained Fire Companies who provides the current Fire Department website is currently
billed at $149.94 per quarter, approximately $600.00 per year which includes each fire department
personnel’s e-mail through Google at no additional charge. If the fire department were to leave this website
and combine with the township website, there would be an additional $50.00 per year fee per employee.
Mr. Costello recommends placing a link on the township’s upcoming website to the fire department’s
website to save money. The trustees have agreed. Ms. Bowers said the “temporary” website is operating
and requested Chief Hall coordinate with Megan from Borlandia to provide the link to the fire departments
Mr. Costello will contact Fire Programs and request a refund for the payment made in error.
Mr. Costello thanked Mr. Evans and the service department on behalf of the trustees for always going
above and beyond. He stated there was an emergency requiring the medical helicopter’s landing on the
complex and although the service department was at lunch, they stopped to help prepare the landing zone.
Ms. Strogin reported for the month of September 2017 the estimated value of $13,904,501.00 versus 2016
totals at $12,454,630.00. Fees collected through September 30, 2017 are $34,786.07 versus all of 2016 total
at $22,861.40.
Ms. Strogin announced the Oaks is adding a $600,000.00 addition to their already existing building.
Ms. Strogin announced that the November Zoning Commission has been cancelled due to voting.
Ms. Bowers stated Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals held a training session last week led
by Mr. Thorne. They reviewed the new agritourism law, how it will impact the township and the steps
necessary to prepare.

Ms. Bowers explained the police levy was rolled back due to the new development in the township. The
type of levy is set to collect no more money than it was originally passed for. Even so, as the tax value
rises, the inside millage edges up. After reviewing the current valuation, Trustees determined reducing the
millage on renewal would better ensure the collection is held down to the same collection as the original
passage in 2005.
Ms. Bailey explained she received an invoice in the amount of $3,500.00 for footer certifications and
requests permission to transfer $7,000.00 into zoning from the general fund. Ms. Bowers explained when
the income comes into the township it deposits to the general fund but when payments need to be made,
those must come from zoning. For this reason, the funds have to be appropriated out of the zoning fund by
transfer from the general fund.
Ms. Bowers made a motion to authorize the transfer of $7,000.00 from the unappropriated balance
in the General Fund into the Zoning Fund. Mr. Costello seconded the motion. All voting in favor.
Ms. Bailey inquired about the invoice in the amount of $51.10 from the Medina County Engineers office
for a diesel fuel purchase in the September. Chief Hall explained that Mr. Evans requested not going near
the fuel tank on the complex for a few days after the safety vehicle impaction posts were placed in
concrete, allowing for the posts to be “set”.
Chippewa Lake contract for services with Lafayette Township is pending final approval from Mr. Thorne.
The trustees have approved the contract subject to Mr. Thorne’s review.
Ms. Bowers said the township still has not received a response from the Operations of the Sheriff’s contract
An announcement was made for the annual Halloween Event being held Saturday, October 28th noon to
2:00 p.m. Ms. Buell is in need of 15-20 additional volunteers to assist with the children’s games.
Chief Hall does not wish to order new office chairs at this time stating the chairs are still functioning and
safe. He also does not wish to order additional clip boards.
The trustees have agreed to meet every Monday during the month of November at 2:30 p.m. in the
Administration Building for the purpose of preparing the 2018 budget with the exception of the regular
meeting date of November 20th.
Public Participation:
Ms. Victoria Macron, Ivandale Drive, questioned why the Board of Trustees has not responded to requests
to be interviewed by Paul Hartman in the death of her late husband, Bryon Macron. Ms. Bowers explained
they are respecting the recommendation of law enforcement. When pressed, Ms. Bowers stated that
personally, she has a concern about Mr. Hartman’s strange background and an inability to verify that he
has any qualifications.
While seemingly angry with Trustees, Ms. Macron and her sister who was speaking with her, voiced
complaints against the Medina County Sheriff’s Office. Ms. Bowers and Mr. Costello agreed they were
also disappointed in aspects of the Sheriff’s investigation, even to the point of sending critical
correspondence to the Sheriff but reminded Ms. Macron that township trustees and staff are not any part of
the Sheriff’s Office.

Ms. Macron complained she was not able to obtain meeting minutes online. It was determined she is
looking for minutes not yet approved. Ms. Macron was advised that minutes are online only after they are
approved, but are public record, available upon request as soon as they are typed.
Lafayette administrative secretary Buell advised Ms. Macron that like everyone at the township, she would
like answers about Mr. Macron’s death too, stating she even considered resigning from the township out of
fear. She explained that part her fear is feeling stalked by Mr. Hartman watching her office and driving by
her home. Mr. Costello and Ms. Bowers also expressed feelings of being stalked and personally attacked
by Mr. Hartman. Mr. Hartman denied driving by anyone’s homes calling it “mass paranoia”. Supporting
that we all want answers, Mr. Warchola explained he too had safety concerns in accepting the appointment
of Trustee. He asked Mr. Hartman to imagine what he would feel like if something this horrible was
happening to him.
Ms. Macron expressed frustration that the Sheriff’s Office contacted Ms. Bowers before her with
information about a body in Chippewa Lake. Ms. Bowers clarified that she went to the lake, the result of
seeing that the Lafayette Fire Department boat was paged out. There was no call to her from the Sheriff’s
Office. She stated that upon her arrival at the lake, she immediately implored the Sheriff to notify Ms.
Macron at work – even dialing Ms. Macron on her own phone for his use. She also asked Ms. Buell to
intercept the Macron children coming hone from school in an effort to keep them from seeing what channel
5 news was already overhead livestreaming until Ms. Macron could be with them. At this point, Ms.
Bowers reminded Ms. Macron’s sister that vulgar gestures and language were inappropriate in a public
Ms. Macron continued to criticize the Sheriff’s Office, what was, in her opinion, a lack of communication,
inadequate interviewing of family members and ignoring offers to search. Ms. Macron acknowledged she
was aware trustees had also made the Sheriff’s Office aware of search offers and even arranged an
extensive dog team search of township grounds and other private property around the area, notifying the
Sheriff’s Office after the fact. Ms. Bowers followed up asking of Ms. Macron why then is she angry with
trustees about the complaints she has with the Sheriff’s Office.
Mr. Paul Hartman, asked Ms. Bowers to explain why she feels he has a strange background. Ms. Bowers
offered his longstanding blog which she feels is “over the top” with routine references to Judge Collier as
“Weaslepecker Collier” and comments which she knows are blatantly false. Mr. Hartman launched into
allegations against Judge Collier strongly asserting everything on his blog is true. Ms. Bowers disagreed
citing as an example his claims about her assisting Captain Centner in a run for Sheriff when it is widely
known that she has aggressively supported other candidates in primary races for the office of Sheriff in
which Captain Centner was a candidate – never Captain Centner. Mr. Costello advised that on his blog he
claims that he (Mr. Costello) is not staying in his own home. Mr. Costello stated that too is false.
Mr. Hartman moved to the subject that the Sheriff’s Office never informed Ms. Macron of anything about
their investigation claiming any information she received was from Ms. Bowers. Ms. Bowers stated again,
the township is not responsible for how the Sheriff’s Office conducts investigations and agreed that if Ms.
Macron is not informed, that doesn’t seem appropriate. Mr. Hartman stated any information Ms. Bowers
has received regarding himself apparently came from Captain Centner. Mr. Costello and Ms. Bowers both
indicated there is plenty of troubling information online.
Mr. Hartman pressed again why no one wishes to talk to him. Mr. Costello said he has given many
statements to law enforcement in this case, but that Mr. Hartman is not a law enforcement officer and he
was advised by his legal counsel to speak to law enforcement officers. Mr. Costello also stated he does not
appreciate Mr. Hartman “creeping” around his home and neighbors have identified his vehicle on multiple
occasions. Mr. Hartman denied driving past his home.

Ms. Bowers reminded that we all have the same goal, to find out what happened to Mr. Macron. She
advised Mr. Hartman she did not believe everything they know is already in the records he has access to.
Mr. Hartman stated he believes people know information that they discount.
Ms. Buell told Mr. Hartman that Mr. Macron was in the administration office on the Wednesday before his
disappearance and was adamant she not arrive for work until 9:00 a.m. on Friday morning even though her
work day begins at 8:00 a.m. She told Mr. Hartman that she discussed this conversation with Ms. Macron
in her home on the evening Mr. Macron went missing. She stated she also told her that Mr. Macron had
explained to her she was to come in late because he had an 8:00 a.m. meeting with an “angry resident”
scheduled and that Sergeant Sanford would be present – even going into detail saying Sgt. Sanford would
hide his car. Ms. Buell said she told Mr. Macron he was scaring her and she was going to call to his wife to
which Mr. Macron responded, “You wouldn’t dare”. Ms. Buell stated that Ms. Bailey was present for that
entire conversation – all information has been shared with authorities and Ms. Macron a number of times.
Ms. Bowers added that according to Sergeant Sanford, Mr. Macron had no such conversations with him.
Ms. Buell described Mr. Macron as being extremely inquisitive of the service departments’ morning
routines for several days immediately prior to his disappearance. Ms. Bowers told Mr. Hartman none of us
can explain any of this behavior.
Ms. Macron said employees were instructed not to report to work on Friday but on Saturday because snow
was flying. Ms. Bowers said that to her knowledge, that information is not accurate. Ms. Bowers
reminded Ms. Macron that township officials spent many hours brainstorming with her about every detail
they could think of. However, it was at her own (Ms. Macron’s) request and direction that communication
with township officials ceased.
Mr. Hartman reported he knows who did the crime. Trustees pressed that if he knows, he should tell
authorities. Mr. Hartman responded by stating “the Sheriff’s department are not the sharpest knives in the
Mr. Hartman asked road supervisor Evans why he stated “friends don’t do this to friends”. Mr. Evans
explained that all the steps Mr. Macron took brought whatever happened to the township offices. A short
argument ensued. Ms. Bowers brought the meeting back under control saying “None of us can solve this,
we are all hurt.’ Addressing Ms. Macron, Ms. Bowers said “We all hope you get the answers you are
looking for. Nobody wants you to get those answers, other than maybe you and your family, more than we
do.” Ms. Bowers stated “We agree with you. I understand you are angry with the investigation. We are
not them. We are just as frustrated and we have expressed that frustration in a number of ways. One of the
main reasons we have remained so silent, did everything that we were required to do by the most minimal
press release we could, only three different times, is because we didn’t want to hurt your family. We didn’t
want to hurt the residents of this township. There is no text book that comes with this. We all have done the
best we can but we are not the investigators. We are not the enemy, we want the answers just like you do.
And, if we thought for one minute there was anything we knew, we reached out. I know those guys got
tired of hearing from us. Even the silliest little thing was given to them and certainly I am sure you did as
well. We are all frustrated.”
Ms. Macron inquired about how the initial call was made to the Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Evans advised he
used the direct line to dispatch that he regularly uses which is programmed into his service phone. Mr.
Hartman made comments regarding the Sheriff’s Office press conference.
Ms. Bowers asked if there was any other public participation. There was no response.
Ms. Bowers made a motion to pay the warrants of the township.
Ms. Bowers moved to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Costello.

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