Murder in the Heart Of It All

Findng truth in Fiction

This week marks a major turning point for the Invisible Ships Podcast and we couldn’t be more excited about where we are taking the show!

You may have noticed that we have a new logo and have changed the layout of our webpage. But there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you don’t see and we wanted to take a minute and fill you in on what has been going on.

First, let me say that our investigation and work on the Bryon Macron case (Murder Lake) has been an absolutely epic challenge for us. It was our first shot across the bow investigating cold cases and we were pretty green. We may have made some mistakes but we also learned a ton. The best part, the part that changed everything was you guys our listeners. In fact if it wasn’t for your help, tips and support we probably wouldn’t have made it passed episode #3. So thank you and I know Bryon’s family is grateful for you too.

We are not giving up on finding answers in Bryon Macron’s murder. Bryon Macron and his family deserve justice and I believe they will get it – soon. The case is continuing to move forward and that is exciting. One of the main reasons it is moving is largely because of all the tips, leads and information that the listeners of this show have provided the investigators. We are following it closely and we will keep you posted.

In the meantime we are in the middle of investigating a truly fascinating case about a phantom author who plagued the town of Circleville, Ohio with his terrifying letters. We will be going to extraordinary lengths to dig up evidence in this case.

We want to know what would drive a person to want to destroy a peaceful community like Circleville with sick, threating and sometimes sexually explicit letters?

One of the people who may be able to help us find answers is Michael Prelee. Prelee is a very talented novelist and author of several books including the thriller Murder In The Heart Of It All which was inspired by the events of the Circleville letters.

In his book the residents of a small town are plagued by vicious, anonymous letters just like the ones people were actually sent in Circleville. We are talking personalized notes and letters that are like bombs in mailboxes. You don’t want to be too close when they go off. What do you think happens when an entire towns dirty laundry is hung out and it’s darkest secrets are made public? If your thinking death and destruction than this book is for you. And just wait until you see how Prelee envisions his twisted letter writer, he creates a character that is cunning and dedicated. This guy will haunt you! I can vouch for that because Prelee’s version of the letter writer now lives rent free in my head.

Michael Prelee

But that is exactly why we want to talk to Michael Prelee and he has agreed to be on the podcast. We are looking forward to hearing things from an artists perspective. Since the identity of the actual poison pen author is still unknown we can only guess at his motive. And who better to help unpack what drives this kind of madness than a novelist. After all novelist get inside of the heads of their creations and Prelee excels at this. He is clearly somebody who searches out the souls and motives of his characters. In short we can’t wait to hear Michael tell us what he thinks makes someone like the letter writer of Circleville, Ohio tick

You can follow Michael Prelee on Twitter @michaelprelee check him out on Facebook here and go to Amazon and get a copy of Murder In The Heart Of It All and Lost Little Sister. Both books are available in paper back and Kindle editions.

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