What is going on here?

Evidence photo: Bryon Macron’s phone at the Lafayette Administration Building

Just the other day someone who has been researching the Bryon Macron case reached out to talk to me about our podcast and compare notes. It quickly became clear that she had information from the BCI file that I didn’t and vice versa.

But how can this be? Since both of us received our files through FOIA requests, and we were asking for the same evidence you would expect to get back the same information.

Wrong! What actually happened was that each of us were only given a partial peice of the puzzle. That bothers me, it is a troubling sign that something like this could happen. It makes me wonder just what the hell is going on.

Who is in that picture with Bryon?

The good news is we now have photos of Bryon’s phone at the crime scene (finally). Make sure you check out what is on the screen because it is all seems to look very suspicious.

Look at the suv behind the cruiser it’s not Bryon’s

I am grateful for this woman reaching out and sharing this information with me. She has told me she has got a lot more evidence including the police reports that werecreated by the Medina County Sheriff’s deputies (we haven’t seen those yet).

The biggest takeaway is that this case is way too big for a small group of people to take on by themselves, no matter how dedicated they may be. We need to have everyone involved, we need the community to rally together, work together and stand together. The good news is that is exactly what is happening.

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