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We here at the Invisible Ships podcast are saddened and puzzled at some of the events we have seen unfold in the last few days. We can trace this back to Monday February 15th when the community got together and organized a vigil to honor Bryon Macron and to ask authorities to reexamine the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. 

The vigil took place outside of the Lafayette Township Administration building which was appropriate because it was inside this building four years ago that puddles of Bryon’s blood were discovered by his co-workers. These same co-workers, the elected trustees of Lafayette had a meeting scheduled for the same exact time as the vigil. Naturally those who attended the vigil were hoping that the trustees would join them in lighting a candle for Bryon or at the very least offer some words of encouragement and hugs. After all these trustees were friends with Bryon and worked closely with him for many years, and that’s why we were so surprised by what happened next.

 The Lafayette Township trustees did a last minute venue change and decided to hold their meeting online using zoom. The reason given for this sudden change was COVID-19 which is understandable since we are still dealing with the pandemic but the skeptic might wonder if there was something else going on. After all this was the first time the trustees have held their town hall virtually and we have been dealing with the virus for more than a year now. Left out in the cold once again were the friends and family of Bryon Macron and while many braved a blizzard to remember Bryon the trustees were busy with a project of their own. 

In one of the most amazing displays of callous indifference I have ever seen, Trustees Lynda Bowers and Mike Costello launched a website of their own making with the goal of convincing the world that Bryon Macron committed suicide. What is remarkable about this website is the timing. The site was released the same day as the vigil and meant to be a punch to the gut to the Macron family. What else can you say about a website that contains audio captured from a hot mic where Bryon’s brother Darren Macron  is speculating that his brother is still alive somewhere but in hiding because his wife Victoria is bad with money. Of course this audio was recorded weeks before Bryon Macron’s body was fished out of Chippewa Lake with six stab wounds and lungs containing no water.  

The trustees website is called Lafayette Facts and you should look at it but be careful about some of the “facts” you are likely to find there. We here at the Invisible Ships Podcast have always considered Plato’s decree to “follow the evidence wherever it leads” when searching for our answers, is short on evidence and a bit long on recently created personal affidavits. These things aren’t evidence they are just statements. 

We don’t understand why the trustees feel they are on the defensive here because they really shouldn’t be. We have never accused them of anything other than political miscalculations – their website ranks really high on that list. We don’t want to fight with anyone and our offer to have them on the podcast still stands. Some of the trustees have claimed they received death threats from people who have listened to our podcast so far this remains unconfirmed, but if this does turn out to be true then we are appalled. We have never encouraged that or even portrayed anyone as a suspect. Let us go on record now by saying if you are writing threats to anyone we don’t want anything to do with you at all. We don’t condone this behavior. We have never encouraged it and we would be happy to help in the prosecution of those sending threats.  

In the end we don’t know why the various trustees believe so strongly that Bryon took his own life or why it is so important to them that they prove that he did. We have said time and time again on our show that we don’t know all the answers and we certainly don’t know who was responsible for Bryon’s death. Occam’s razor states that the more straightforward the answer is the more likely it is to be true. So which has fewer moving parts the world’s most elaborate suicide that took place in several locations? How can a man enter a lake dead before he hits the water? That is up for you to decide


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8 thoughts on “Response to Lafayette Facts

  1. I grew up in Lafayette Township and this has been a very sad and crazy case. Thank you so much for covering it. The only thing I ask is that you correct the spelling of Lafayette in the title.

  2. Insanity
    Couldn’t care less about the Trustees-as IF a they were important enough to “threaten”…ridiculous!!!
    Perhaps they’re suffering from guilty conscience?
    Only thing that matters is justice for the Macron family…sad that these trustees are forcing themselves into the spotlight…again…trying to make themselves as victims. They need to realize how unimportant they really are…

  3. We are relatives of Bryon. We knew him. He would not have taken his life. He loved his family and he loved life. The township and trustees are hiding the truth!

  4. This is excellently written. The actions of the trustees has been…odd, to say the least. They are the ones who continually make themselves look suspicious by their actions. Also, the irony has not escaped me that this is the second time “angry residents” have been used as an excuse. If Bryon was the one who came up with that story, then the evidence suggests he was using it as a cover for something else that was really going on. Is that what is happening here? Are the trustees using supposed death threats as an excuse as to why they started their website? Are they using it to garner sympathy? I don’t know. If they really are receiving death threats then I agree … that is appalling. But this time, I am not going to believe it unless the police come out and state as such. For now, stop blaming the citizens, stop spending so much time creating a website, and do the job you were elected to do. That is just my opinion though.

  5. You guys always know how to word things just right. I also would like to know why these trustees are so against finding the TRUTH. It’s very odd to say the least. I am a Lafayette tax payer and I’m watching. Being left out in the cold was not right. Why would the trustees not Join The Justice for Bryon page? Why would they make their own page and be against justice for their own people, their community? Their fellow trustee? Instead, they come up with what they think would destroy their fellow trustees reputation? All the while letting their guard down to their own. Sad, very sad. I suggest they get with the program. May the truth unfold as it already is from what I see. Good job 👏

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