Circleville Letters 3

In our final episode about the Circleville Letters, we travel to Circleville Ohio and interview a local historian who received a strange letter around the time Paul Freshour was up for parole. Could this be the work of the Circleville Letter writer?

We also have Michael Prelee on he is the author of the mystery novel Murder In The Heart Of It All which was based on the events of the Circleville Letters.
You can get a copy of his book on Amazon also be sure to visit his author page

Show notes:

Pickaway Historical Society is where we interviewed Jane Shaw, she is a very knowledgeable historian. It was easy to tell just how passionate she is about preserving local history and we had a great time walking through the museum with her.

Michael Prelee also has a blog that contains author interviews and tips on selling books outside of bookstores

the Ohioana Book Festival The 2021 Book Festival will be held virtually from Thursday, April 22 to Sunday, April 25 2021. All content from the 2020 Ohioana Book Festival is now available online

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