Mutual UFO Network Interview

Official U.S. government photo of a 2004 UFO encounter, taken aboard a Navy fighter jet from the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

In part one of our interview with MUFON president Thomas Wertman we listen as he tells us all about the various cases the Mutual UFO Network has investigated in the past. Thomas also explains his own journey about how he went from a UFO enthusiast to investigator to president of the MUFON chapter here in Ohio.

OHIO MUFON President Thomas Wertman

You will be amazed by his stories of UFO encounters and we appreciated his ability to debunk hoaxes. Thomas is an accomplished podcaster in his own right and you can hear it right away once he gets talking. We gave Thomas free reign of the show and it paid off big once he began telling us all about his own personal close encounter.

South Carolina Peach orchard like the one where Thomas Wertman had his close encounter


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