“UFOs & missing time” In Ohio’s Largest State Park

Dan night hiking in the forest at Salt Fork State Park

Tom Wertman the director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network in Ohio) told us a story about one of the strangest cases that he has ever investigated. It involves two men, some kind of low-flying craft with brilliant lights, and a chunk of missing hours. What makes this account even scarier is that it happened without warning at night and in the wilderness (or as close you can get to the actual wilderness and still be in Ohio)

We are talking about one of the strangest and most alarming phenomena out there “Lost/Missing Time”. What caused two avid outdoorsmen to return home with a three-hour gap in their conscious memory? Whatever it was it scared them to the point where they were unable to return to their normal lives. And wait until you hear what forensic analysis found on their clothing.

Salt Fork State Park is Ohio’s largest park and includes some 17,000 acres of old-growth forest which makes it a popular destination for hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. On August 29-30, 2014 two men were on an overnight fishing trip in the park. The men in this story have never wanted to come forward publicly and their names and identities are being protected. What you should know is that while the pair weren’t related by blood they seemed to have a very close father-son relationship. The older man is a 43-year-old construction worker and would often take his daughter’s boyfriend (19) on fishing trips with him to a favorite spot in Saltfork State Park.

On the night of their encounter, The pair were camped by the lakeshore. They had set up chairs about two feet from the water and planned on staying up all night fishing so they built a good fire and would routinely stoke it every hour on the hour.

Salt Fork is a big park and it is easy to feel alone, for the men in this story there was almost ghost-like solitude the night they were in the park.

The stone carving of the angel commemorates 14-year-old Aubrey Parsons of West Virginia, who died on June 13, 2003, by falling at Hosak’s Cave.

It was late in the evening, they had some luck catching channel cats and walleye when all of a sudden they saw it. A light low in the sky. It moved back and forth skimming the treetops and was gone. About 1:30 a.m. they heard a shrill ‘woman-sounding” voice (like a banshee or a bobcat). It should be noted that many stories of ‘high strangeness’ abound (bigfoot, hauntings, UFOs) at Salt Fork. The site where the men were fishing is very near a cave in the park with a waterfall where a tragically fell to her death.

Hosak’s Cave.

The men became increasingly nervous but decided to stay. Now, this is where things get weird, The men have no recollection of what happened for over three hours. They don’t remember anything past 2 o’clock am and then they suddenly snap out of whatever spell they were under and panic when they realize it’s 5:19 in the morning. Dawn was breaking and the fire was out. The men grabbed their belongings and quickly changed clothes. As the older man changed clothes he noticed his shirt was inside out! There are two objectives of this analysis. The first is to identify any stains and spots left on various pieces of clothing for anomalies that may be related to the abduction. The second is to compare these results to two analyses, one done on the dress Betty Hill wore during her abduction and the other done on an experiencer’s tee shirt worn during an abduction in Winnipeg, Canada

Here is the report

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Salt Fork SatePark

Another Fisherman experiences UFO related activity in Salt Fork State Park!!!

All credit to http://www.educatinghumanity.com/ this article was taken from their website.

UFO Chased By Jets, Men In Black, FBI – Ohio State Park

This is a rather startling story which occurred lasted week in at Salt Fork Lake State Park. It was published on July 14, 2013 by The Jeffersonian.  It has the makings of a movie script, UFO sighting, Jets circling the area, Men in Back wearing guns, UFO in Guernsey County Ohio.

An angler who lives close to Salt Fork Lake and who spent a night fishing on the bank late last week said he fell asleep only to awaken to a bite and unidentified lights in the sky.
The man who asked that he not be identified said he was fishing at the lake on Thursday night and Friday morning when, at some point, he fell asleep.

He said a bite on the line awakened him and he looked up only see, on the horizon above a tree line, four sets of orange light clusters.

“They looked like Chinese lanterns,” he said. “Three took off and one fell back into the tree line. A short time later, jet fighters arrived and circled the area.”

Weary, he fell back asleep. But, when he awoke at dawn, he remembered what he had observed and decided to drive over in the direction of the spot where he had seen the lights fall.

As he reached the vicinity and got out of his vehicle with camera in hand, an unmarked car pulled up. Two men got out and told him to leave.
“They were big guys wearing holsters,(guns)” he said. “I wasn’t going to argue with them.”

He thought they might be FBI or other federal officials.

But an FBI spokesperson from their regional office in Cincinnati said there has been no reported activity in this area.

Todd Lindgren said there are two FBI officers in the Cambridge office. One was in Quantico, Va., home of the FBI Academy, during the time in question. The other officer reported no activity in this region.

In addition, a dispatcher with the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office had no information and officials at Salt Fork State Park said they had had no contact with the FBI.

The observer said it was the second time he had seen such lights over Salt Fork. On July 5, he was with his girlfriend when they observed a similar clustering of lights, he said, adding that similar UFO sightings were reported in Columbus the next day.

Analyses of Two Experiencers’ Clothing Worn During an Abduction (Salt Fork State Park, Ohio) – The Black Vault Case Files

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