Murder Lake Case Photos

We are posting these photos taken from the BCI report which was made publicly available in the attempts to help solve the murder of Lafayette Township Trustee Bryon Macron. If you have any information that may help investigators you are urged to contact the Crime Stoppers Tipline @ (216) 252-7463 

Please be warned that some of the photos below may be disturbing

December 16th 2016-Vehicle Recovery Photos

December 16th 2016- Bryon Macron’s Chevy Equinox is located using on star in Chippewa Lake, Ohio. About three miles from his office in Lafayette Township.
The recovery began approximately 8:41am. Note the lake appears to be frozen over
sidewall of tires seem very clean and free of salt or other debris
Again vehicle appears to be very clean
Note the screws on the License plate do not match. The screw on the right is a rusty Philips style while the screw on the left appears to be newer.
Now look at the back
We see the same set up of one rusty screw and one newer screw. Our friend Cohen has a theory that the plates were taken off and replaced with a different set of plates in order for Bryon’s killers to drive the vehicle through a car wash. After the car was washed the put Bryon’s plates back on his car but some how got the screws mixed up.
Look at the marks where the car was parked. You can see four very distinct marks where wet tires left a kind of ice imprint on the pavement. We know that the over night low was only 5 degrees and the daytime temperature never got over 15 degrees. There should have been no water on the roads, no puddles basically any water a car might encounter should have been frozen solid. This helps reinforce the theory that the car was washed before it was dumped.

Vehicle interior:

Bellow are all the photos that show the interior of Bryon Macron’s SUV. It is surprising how little blood there is considering he was stabbed six times.

Some exterior shots of the area immediately surrounding the area of Bryon’s SUV.

This print may be a match to the boots Bryon was wearing try and compare them with the photo below
Many of the footprints shown have no obvious match to Bryon
Lake is frozen

Crime Scene Photos Layfette Administration Building.

This next group of photos contains several images that show a great deal of Bryon Macron’s blood. The pictures are disturbing, it is obvious that he lost a considerable amount of blood in this building.

The whole thing leaves us wondering why does there seems to be such a very small amount of blood found inside Bryon’s vehicle? Remember the official narrative here is that Bryon began his “suicide” inside his office and than got into his SUV and drove to the lake. It is hard to imagine any suicide where a person is attempting to end their life just stops midstream and than cleans themselves up only to drive to another location and slowly kill themselves there.

Looking at these pictures makes me angry. Bryon was a good man a husband, father a veteran and a member of our community he didn’t deserve to die like this.

Pay attention to this towel found in the dumpster it contains blood and DNA that can not be matched to Bryon Macron. Who’s blood and DNA are on this towel?
Closer view

Perfect match for Bryon’s boots
Bryon’s glasses

The Next few photos are very interesting.

Take a look at the table, there laid out are the plans for the new fire station that was a major issue at the time was Bryon trying to tell us something?
The Medina Gazette with the front page story about the Nexus Pipeline.
This is a storage room that seems to contain old paper work and records.
Pay attention to the black duffel bag under the shelving. Why is it there?

Minit Mart Surveillance

In our final episode of the Murder Lake series we interview an employee of the Minit Mart on Lake Road in Chippewa Lake. She was working during the early hours of the morning that Bryon disappeared and went in to great detail about a strange event involving a teal SUV and a silver car. She recalls that the vehicles appeared to be meeting up there at about 4:28am on the morning of December 16th 2016. It was a short meeting and both cars drove off together. She later recalled seeing the same silver car a day or two later pulled off the side of the road near the Chippewa Lake inlet with it’s trunk opened. Were they dumping something?

This got the interest of local law enforcement as they came to collect the video. It is strange that the video no longer seems to exist but we were able to find a few screen shots tucked away in the BCI report.

We believe the man in this picture is the store manager coming into work.
Notice the red and blue reflection on the hood of the teal car. Looks like a reflection of police emergency lights.