The Forest Through The Trees

Investigator Paul Hartman takes on the tough questions our listeners are asking. In light of the recently released BCI report, Paul still believes that Bryon Macron was murdered. Medina Co. prosecutor closes case of Bryon Macron’s death but family says justice hasn’t been served ( Death of Lafayette Township Trustee Bryon Macron closed, for now […]

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Murder Lake Episode 5

We interview an eyewitness who saw something very strange going on down at Chippewa Lake the morning Bryon Macron disappeared. We also hear a lot more from Paul and Victoria. Plus who said anything about missing funds? Find out! MEDINA CORRUPTION – ALL THE NEWS THAT’S FIT TO PRINT, BUT WASN’T UNTIL NOW! (7) Justice […]

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Murder Lake Episode 4

We learn more about Bryon’s life in the jewelry business from Victoria and Paul talks about how some Sheriff’s Dept. service weapons may have been illegally bought and sold. If that is true did Bryon Macron know anything about it? Could this be another motive to have him removed? Found Deceased – OH – Bryon […]

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Murder Lake Episode 3

We continue our discussion with Victoria Macron and investigator Paul Hartman as they reveal some very interesting details about the initial response from Law enforcement to Bryon Macron’s disappearance. We also get a phone call from the guy who repainted Bryon’s office. You won’t believe what we learn! MEDINA CORRUPTION – ALL THE NEWS THAT’S […]

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Murder Lake Episode 2

In July of 2017, the sheriff’s office announced an undetermined autopsy and claimed the blood in his office and car were linked to Bryon Macron alone. It seems that no one who was close to Bryon agrees with the sheriff’s claim and many continue to search for answers. In this podcast, Victoria Macron (spouse) with clearance […]

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Murder Lake Episode 1

Six Stab Wounds On December 16, 2016, in medina county, Ohio trustee Bryon Macron went missing. His office was trashed with blood on the walls and his car was found a few miles away parked at Chippewa Lake. Two months later his body would be pulled from Chippewa lake even though it had been searched […]

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Response to Lafayette Facts

We here at the Invisible Ships podcast are saddened and puzzled at some of the events we have seen unfold in the last few days. We can trace this back to Monday February 15th when the community got together and organized a vigil to honor Bryon Macron and to ask authorities to reexamine the mysterious […]

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