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  • Bryon Macron Timeline

    Thursday December 15 2016

    This is the last normal day of Bryon Macron’s life.

    Just 10 days before Christmas Bryon Macron attends an after-work party with his fellow trustees and other Lafayette township officials and employees.

    What we Learned

    We now know that this was the township holiday party and it was held at the Winking Lizard Tavern on Center Road in Brunswick,. Bryon’s wife Victoria was invited but was unable to attend the party because she had to take her daughter to an appointment.

    Winking Lizard Tavern 3634 Center Rd, Brunswick, OH 44212
    • Later After the party

      What we knew

      After the Party Bryon Macron along with Trustee Mike Costello went to the movies together and saw Rogue One the new Star Wars movie.

      What we Learned

      Bryon’s phone had died so Mike Costello sent Victoria a message through Facebook messenger telling her he and Bryon were going to see a movie.

      According to his wife Victoria, Bryon Macron and Mike Costello were not known to hang out together outside of work very much and Victoria told us she thought that the two of them going off to the movies together was “weird, because I was going to go”. 

    • Unsubstantiated

      One source who wishes to remain anonymous told us that Bryon and Mike Costello seemed to be uncomfortable and sat several seats away from each other. This may or may not be true.

      According to investigator Paul Hartman there is some “indication that Linda Bowers was also at the movie that night”

  • Friday December 16 2016

    “You don’t think your going to wake up in the morning and your husbands missing” – Victoria

    What We Learned

    Approximately 1:00am

    Victoria remembers her and Bryon going to bed at this time

    Approximately 2:08am

    Bryon received a message through Facebook Messenger . The message came to his cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 edge) which was on the nightstand next to his bed. Victoria remembers waking up to a light flashing on Bryon’s cell phone after hearing the chime of a notification.

    What We Don’t Know

    We still have no idea who sent the message or what the message said but we can reasonably assume that the message’s sender was someone known to Bryon. And that the message caused Bryon to leave his house and head to his office at the Lafayette Township Town Hall 6776 Wedgewood Rd, Medina. 


    Medina County Sheriff’s Capt. David Centner has stated that Victoria must have known where Bryon was going. Victoria claims that she assumed Bryon was going to the bathroom and she fell back to sleep. Amazingly Victoria was never interviewed by the Sheriff’s Department.

    Another bone of contention is the fact that Capt. David Centner has said that he has video of Macrons SUV arriving at the township hall at 1:50am and left at 6:24 am. According to Centner this evidence comes from the security cameras belonging to area business and residents.

    What isn’t said is whether or not Bryon could be identified as the driver or if any of the video shows license plates clear enough to positively identify that vehicle as belonging to Bryon.

    Why this is important

    Bryon was not the only Lafayette Township Trustee to own and drive a black Chevy Equinox. Another trustee drove a very similar vehicle .

    • 7:30am

      A township maintenance worker reporting for work found the office unlocked with the lights on. He quickly discovered signs of a fight inside Macron’s office. Reported findings included blood on the floor, items in disarray and Macron’s cell phone.

      What we Learned

      Authorities originally responded the Lafayette Administration Building to investigate suspicious circumstances, which prompted them to begin investigating Macron’s disappearance. 

      When police responded to the township building they found Macron’s office in disarray. Detective Jim Cartwright said it look as if there had been a fight there. 

      What we don’t know

      Why wasn’t a call to 911 made? Did the maintenance man simply believe that he had only discovered signs of a break in or something? Kind of puzzling with the presence of blood not to assume something very bad had taken place .Law enforcement quickly believed that a violent crime had taken place and later that same day Medina County Sheriff’s Capt. David Centner told Cleveland’s WEWS-TV that they were called to investigate because there were “signs that some type of altercation happened there,”

      Man I really wish the maintenance worker would have called 911 because calls to 911 are on a recorded line and we would have been able to hear exactly what was going through his mind and what he was looking at. the private phone calls that were made that morning were not recorded.

      8:41am Bryon’s SUV is found

      What We Know:

      Authorities find Bryon Macron’s black Chevy Equinox using OnStar and locate it roughly three miles from his office, parked on Beach Side Blvd. right in front of Chippewa Lake. Blood was reportedly found inside the vehicle, but searches of the nearby area failed to turn up additional clues.

      Sheriff Tom Miller says they searched the shoreline of the lake — and searched overhead by plane. Cleveland 19 asked why a more extensive search was not done.

      “I think if we thought it was appropriate at the time, if we found something that indicated we thought he was in there, that would’ve been done,” Miller said.

      There was no evidence of footprints near Bryon’s vehicle nor was there a blood trail for the officers to follow.

      This is the parking lot where Bryon Macron’s SUV was discovered

      What We Don’t Know:

      Why didn’t the Sheriffs Department use their search and rescue drone that morning? They easily could have flown it out over Chippewa Lake and maybe could have found Bryon Macrons body. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to at least suspect that he may be in the lake at this point.

      Sheriff’s Deputy with a TAV-200 (Tactical Aerial Vehicle)  drone

      It really doesn’t make a lot of sense why they didn’t use it at all that day. In fact this was exactly the kind of situation Medina County invested in drone technology for. in 2013 Sheriff Miller was describing to what kinds of police work the drone would be used for and he described very pointed specific areas, such as search and rescue, hazardous material calls, abductions, and hostage situations where having an aerial view of the scene could be beneficial.”

      One concern addressed was why authorities never searched Chippewa Lake more thoroughly, with the sheriff’s office stating they did not think it necessary due to weather and other factors.

      “On the morning of Mr. Macron’s disappearance, Chippewa Lake was ice covered except in the center,”

      according to Capt. Dave Centner in the sheriff’s statement. “The lake and surrounding areas including the inlet and outlets were searched by sheriff’s deputies and an Ohio State Highway Patrol plane. Access roads between the township complex and Beachside Drive (where Macron’s vehicle was found) were also searched.”

      Was Bryon Macron A Drone Sales Rep?

      The following is an article from Kent

      Sgt. Jim Sanford, one of the two officers being trained on the drones, said the drones will be used to save time as well as manpower and will not be used in a continuous surveillance role.

      “These drones are here for a specific purpose, not to invade people’s privacy,” Sanford said. “The sheriff even said the last thing he wants is it flying over his backyard barbeque.”

      Currently, the drones are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration only for training purposes, Sanford explained.

      “If we wanted to take them out for a mission, we would need to get approval from the FAA,” Sanford said.

      According to policies and procedures for using the drones, written in part by Sanford, FAA guidelines restrict the drones from being used over urban areas without an approved Certificate of Airworthiness or permission from the FAA.

      On the FAA’s website, a COA is described as an FAA document, which grants authorization to operate an aircraft in flight.

      The FAA also restricts how high a drone can be sent. The FAA must be notified of anything operating above 700 feet, Sanford said.

      “Most of these drones can reach an altitude of nearly a mile,” said Bryon Macron, national sales representative for Vista Unmanned Aerial Systems of Seville, OH. “But they’ll generally operate around 400 feet.”

      Vista donated two drones to the Medina County Sheriff’s office in exchange for guidance in what law enforcement needed in a drone, Sanford explained.

      Each drone is fitted with a camera. One carries a standard color camera, while the other carries a thermal imaging camera that allows the operator to track heat signatures from people or vehicles, regardless of visibility.

      The cameras feed the images back to an operator on the ground. That operator wears a special pair of glasses that allows them to see, in real time, whatever the drone sees, Sanford said.

      This is the same sort of technology being used by the military’s drones, but comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges.

      Unlike the drones in the military, the drones being used by the Sheriff’s office cannot carry any form of payload.

      “The only aircraft that are allowed to be weaponized are military aircraft,” Sanford said. “Even police aircraft aren’t allowed to be armed.”

      Medina is the only county in Ohio that is currently training with drones, but other counties have expressed interest, Macron said, though he could not name them until deals with those counties were finalized.

      Major Dale Kelly of the Portage County Sheriff’s office said his office was not currently interested in using drones.

      “It just doesn’t fit into our budget,” Kelly said. “We don’t really have a need for drones right now, anyway.”

      Vista sells their drones in packages that include the necessary training for anywhere between $30,000 and $180,000, Macron said.

      Vista does sell drones larger than the ones given to Medina County. These drones can carry a small payload, such as a life preserver, Macron said.

      Chippewa Lake
    • Weather Conditions
      FRIDAY DECEMBER 16 2016
      This is where the closest weather station to Chippewa Lake is located

      Special thanks for the weather data goes out to Vince, a listener to this podcast who just happens to be a meteorologist (lucky us). We asked for some help on nailing down the conditions that day and so Vince stepped up and sent us the historical weather data for Chippewa Lake. These were the conditions at the time Bryon’s SUV was found.

      Looking at the morning of 12/16/16, from 8 AM to 12PM, the max wind gust was 4.9 MPH.
      Temperatures did not reach above 15F at this location anytime before Noon on 12/16/16

      It is pretty hard to imagine that a max sustained wind of 4.5 MPH and a max wind gust of 4.9 MPH would prevent a drone from flying that morning. 

  • Monday December 19th 2016

    8,000 Dollars Worth Of Redecorating

    “He pressed Hard to get me to come in there, like right away”

    Brian Popovich -Painter

    What We Know

    Amazing but true just days after Bryon Macron has disappeared under suspicious and violent circumstances Lafayette Township officials ordered the carpets to be replaced and the walls repainted.

    What We Learned

    We interviewed Brian Popovich the painter they brought in to do the work. Brian Popovich’s interview is very interesting to say the least. You can listen as he describes the enormous pressure the Township was under to get this work completed as quickly as possible. Popovich describes seeing a bloody boot-print and watching as Sheriff Deputies found several knives at the crime scene.

    Brian Popovich’s interview is in Episode 3 and begins around 27 minutes into the podcast. Click the image on left for a link.

  • Dec 22, 2016

    FBI Gets Involved in Search for Missing Lafayette Township Trustee Bryon Macron

  • December 31 2016

    Sgt. Jim Sanford retires

  • January 5th 2017

    Trustees Lynda Bowers and Michael Costello addressed rumors about the case.

    Dear Lafayette Township and Chippewa Lake Village friends and neighbors:

    “He is three weeks gone, and yet Trustee Bryon Macron’s disappearance has seemed like an eternity to our township. So many of you have offered prayers and positive support, and your trustees and Bryon’s family thank you.”

    “Waiting is difficult, but here are some ways you may be able to help law enforcement. If you know anything that you even remotely think could be helpful to investigators, please report it to the Sheriff or Crime Stoppers. If you live on a route one would travel between the township complex and Chippewa Lake and have a camera on your home, garage or other outbuilding that may have captured the flow of traffic between the hours of 1 a.m. on Thursday December 15 and 7 a.m. Friday, December 16 – which has not already been viewed by law enforcement – please let the Sheriff know.”

    “We want you to know we have faith in the Sheriffs office to continue to keep us safe and find Bryon.”

    “The rumor that township funds are missing is false. Similarly, there is no evidence to support the rumor that the Nexus project is in any way connected to Bryon’s disappearance.”

    “Since Bryon went missing on the morning of December 16, we have respected the request of law enforcement to refrain from comment on the Macron case. However, amid rumors and growing social media speculation we believe our residents deserve a higher level of communication. Your Trustees requested a meeting with investigators and obtained permission to provide this information directly to you, our residents, since they do not feel it will compromise their investigation.”

    “In response to requests from the community, the Bryon Macron Benevolent fund has been set up to help support the Macron family during this most difficult time. Donations can be made at any First Merit bank branch.

  • January 7th 2017

    Vigil held for Bryon

    “It feels like a bad dream,”


    On Saturday night at 7 p.m., neighbors in Medina County’s LaFayette Township held a vigil for missing Lafayette Township Trustee Bryon Macron.

    The candlelight vigil was being organized by a neighbor on Ivandale Drive.

  • February 21st 2017

    Body Found In Chippewa Lake

    CHIPPEWA LAKE – A kayaker taking advantage of the warm weather found what he first thought was a mannequin floating in Chippewa Lake the afternoon of Feb. 21.

    Reaching the north end of the lake near the village of Chippewa Lake, Frank Webber, of LaGrange, noticed what appeared to be a mannequin floating nearby.

    Upon further examination, he realized it was the body of what he described as a white, middle-aged male with dark hair, fully dressed. Webber said he paddled to shore where he asked a couple walking to call 911.

    Shortly after, rescue, fire and law enforcement personnel were on hand to investigate. A dive team from Wayne County was also called in.

    Rescue workers took the body to a waiting ambulance on the southwest end of the lake, where the public boat launch ramp is located, to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office for identification.

    Medina County Prosecutor Forrest Thompson said it could not be confirmed as of Feb. 21 whether the body was Bryon Macron, 45, the Lafayette Township trustee who was reported missing over two months ago.

    However, he did confirm the body was believed to be a white male and that an autopsy would be performed the next morning.

    The Medina County Sheriff’s Office has not yet issued a statement on the body’s discovery in the lake.

    “I’m glad I found it,” Webber said after the body had been taken away. “His family would want to know. God brought me here today.”

    The body was found less than a mile from where Macron’s vehicle was found the day he was reported missing in December. A Lafayette Township employee called police after seeing Macron’s office in the township was in disarray. Blood was found there and also in his vehicle.

    In an early January statement, the sheriff’s office said at the time of Macron’s disappearance that the lake was nearly completely covered in ice and sheriff’s deputies searched the lake and surrounding areas, including the inlet, and an Ohio State Highway Patrol plane also flew over.

  • February 22 2017

    Body found in Chippewa Lake identified as missing trustee Bryon Macron

  • Apr 6, 2017 

    Preliminary report showed Macron was stabbed

    A preliminary autopsy report for Lafayette Township Trustee Bryon Macron determined he was stabbed multiple times, but a cause of death was not given.

    According to the report, the major injury was a 3-inch stab would on the right side of his neck that missed the jugular and carotid arteries. Other stab wounds were also seen on his upper neck and his right forearm, along with other injuries considered superficial.

    The preliminary autopsy reported drowning and hypothermia may have also been possible causes of death. Macron was able to be identified using fingerprints and there were signs of decomposition on the body.

    Under state law, journalists are allowed to see preliminary autopsy reports and pictures taken during the autopsy which are not available to the general public. However, county officials previously reported they did not have the report, as the autopsy was completed at the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office.

    Even if they had, the Medina County Prosecutor’s Office previously argued the records should not be released, as the information is part of an investigation by the Medina County Sheriff’s Office.

    In mid-March, TV network WKYC Channel 3 in Cleveland filed a suit against the Medina County Coroner’s Office, stating the office was in violation of public records laws under the Ohio Revised Code. After a March 22 hearing, Common Pleas Judge Christopher Collier ordered the records be turned over and that he would determine what could be released.

    At an April 5 hearing, an attorney of Channel 3 along with Medina County Prosecutor Forrest Thompson met privately in the judge’s office and the terms of the record release were determined.

    Channel 3, who had first access to the documents, broadcast the results later that day while other media outlets were able to access them the next morning.

    Thompson, whose office distributed the autopsy report, said the report only arrived the week before and that no conclusions should be drawn until the final report comes in. The final report will be completed after toxicology tests are completed; a release date has not been determined.

  • Oct 7, 2017

    County grants easement for Nexus Pipeline

    Controversial pipeline to cross

    Innovation Park in Lafayette Township

    MEDINA – County commissioners have granted an easement to Nexus Gas Transmission to build part of its proposed pipeline across the county-owned Innovation Park in Lafayette Township.

    Commissioners voted 3-0 Sept. 26 to approve the agreement with Nexus which grants temporary and permanent easements to build the pipeline across about 2,200 feet of vacant land the county owns in the technology park next to the Medina County University Center near the intersection of Lake and Wedgewood Roads.

    County Administrator Scott Miller said the county will be paid about $350,000 for the 50-foot wide permanent right-of-way and easement.

    The Medina County Port Authority has been marketing the vacant technology park with the hopes of having developers construct commercial enterprises on the approximately 60 acres of land not affected by the pipeline easement.

    Nexus plans to build the 36-inch high-pressure pipeline to transmit natural gas from wells in Eastern Ohio to existing pipelines in Michigan which will carry the gas on to Windsor in Ontario, Canada.

    The $2 billion project was originally scheduled for completion this fall, but has been delayed in large part because two members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission resigned early this year leaving the commission without the quorum needed to approve the application to construct the Nexus Pipeline.

    The FERC granted Nexus a certificate to proceed in August after the appointment of two new commissioners were approved by the U.S. Senate.

    Protest groups have opposed construction of the pipeline and have filed suit in federal court asking for an injunction to stop the pipeline’s construction, but some pipeline protestors have admitted that tactic seems to have little hope of succeeding.

    Records scanning

    Commissioners authorized County Administrator Miller to hire ScanWorks of Cuyahoga Falls to copy and create digital copies of the county commissioner journals that date back to the year 1824. Cost of the project is expected to be $3,200.

    The 180 journals contain all the resolutions adopted by commissioners since the records of those resolutions were first recorded by hand.

    Miller said having a digital record of all those resolutions stored on a secure server will make research of them much easier and will also guarantee that they will not be lost in a disaster such as a fire.

    “This is a great idea,” said County Commissioner Pat Geissman. “We need to preserve our history.”

    Autopsy costs rising

    County commissioners approved an amendment to an agreement with the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office which raises the fee Cuyahoga County charges from $1,075 to $1,275 for each autopsy performed for Medina County. The new fee schedule is retroactive to March 1 and will remain in place until Dec. 31, 2018.

    Lease agreement

    County commissioners approved an agreement with the Medina Metropolitan Housing Authority to lease a house on Highland Drive in Medina for one year at a cost of $1,800 per month. The house is the location of the Children’s Center of Medina County, which also agreed to renew a sublease with commissioners.

    Personnel expenses

    Commissioners authorized the expenses for several county employees to attend a series of out-of-town meetings and training seminars. Among those expenses were $2,000 for two people from the Adult Probation Department to attend a two-day conference in Columbus, $1,700 for two people from the Sanitary Engineer’s Office to attend a three-day technical conference in Chicago and $800 for four sheriff’s deputies to attend a three-day conference for jail administrators in Tiffin.

  • Oct 25, 2017

    Nexus pipeline construction cleared to begin

  • Jul 1, 2017

    County OKs land donation to Lafayette

    Township to build fire station on Innovation Park land

    County commissioners have agreed to donate 8.5 acres of land at Innovation Park to Lafayette Township for use as a location for a new fire station.

    Lafayette Township trustees made the request for land at Innovation Park in November, but action on the request has been delayed until June 20 by some changes in the fire station plans and a complicated arrangement between county commissioners and the Medina County Port Authority to manage development of the technology park adjoining the Medina County University Center.

    Lafayette Township originally requested use of four acres of land which was generally considered unattractive to potential commercial developers. However, Scott Miller said the parcel planned for the fire station was expanded due to setback requirements necessary for the NEXUS Pipeline, which could be built along Wedgewood Road and the front of the parcel.

    The expansion of the parcel for the fire station also reduces the amount of land available to commercial companies interested in building in the 55-acre park owned by the county.

    As a result, Port Authority officials have requested county commissioners deduct the value of the fire station land from the total value of the technology park, estimated at about $680,000 in the original agreement between the county and Port Authority. An estimate from the Port Authority places the value of the fire station land at $40,000 per acre, according to Miller.

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