Show Notes: The mysterious disappearance of Johnny Gosch

Project Monarch.

I first became aware of this case while reading The Resistance Manifesto by Mark Dice which is kind of a crazy book all about conspiracies, the new world order and the Illuminate.

In the book is a fascinating chapter all about Project Monarch which was a successor of the CIA’s Mk-Ultra . Mark Dice describes how during WW2 SS officer Heinrich Himmler was in charge of a scientific program called Lebensborn, which was using selective breeding and the adoption of children to create an Aryan “super-race” that would have total allegiance to the Nazi party. These unlucky children were considered to be property of the state and they were raised in orphanages or foster homes run by the SS. About 11 thousand of these children were bred between 1935 -1945 and they lived their entire lives without ever knowing who their real parents were.

Zyta Sus Kinderfotos

Even more troubling is that Aryan looking children were kidnapped from countries that Germany had conquered and placed into the Lebensborn program. Nazi records show that an estimated 200,000 thousand Polish children were kidnaped and brainwashed by these evil maniacs. Two hundred thousand children is insane, I thought Mark Dice had made a mistake, but sadly that massive number of stolen children is pretty much accepted by the majority of researchers.

According to Mark Dice and others the Lebensborn program would later become the inspiration for the CIA’s Project Monarch and was once a part of the notorious MK-Ultra program. The idea behind all of this craziness was allegedly about kidnapping children from off the streets, or from foster homes or from places like Boys Town in Omaha Nebraska and to use them in experiments, covert operations or to create a “Manchurian Candidate” It sounds wild and hard to believe. We really don’t know anything about what was really going on since almost everything about the program remains classified and unknown.

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control – Jabajabba ...

It has often been suggested that the name Monarch itself carries deep occult meaning because a butterfly’s transformation in the cocoon has reference to control over a persons soul. Even the Dalai Lama spoke about this symbol and suggested that the butterfly could be seen as a very cold symbol devoid of emotion. He used the example that the butterfly never meets its mother, it has to fend for itself and experiences little kindness. It could be a symbol of a detached home life and the Dalai Lama also suggests that someone growing up in this environment will find it very difficult to show compassion and empathy for others.

If any of what we know about project Monarch is true, it is horrendous and cruel.The process involves torture, hypnosis, mind altering drugs and occult rituals. The supposed end goal is to create a kind of brainwashed mind slave. It has been widely discussed that the victims of this type of trauma usually don’t remember the whole process due to the minds protection mechanism. That kind of thing is seen in PTSD and explains how following terrible accidents the victim wakes up in the hospital with no idea how he got there. Extreme trauma has been shown to cause the nervous system to shut down the parts of the brain that deal with perception and conscious memory. That could explain how if Johnny Gosch is still alive he might have been brainwashed to the point where he can’t or won’t return to his family

Talon News.

On January 26th of 2005 President Bush was giving a press conference  in the White House briefing room. During the Q&A that followed the president skipped over dozens of eager reporters from the nation’s biggest news outlets and called on a novice reporter no one had ever noticed before. The reporter then immediately attracted world wide attention by asking an extremely friendly and ideologically leading question.

Controversy quickly erupted  when people began to dig into this “reporters” background. Turns out the guy asking the question is kind of a chameleon. His press pass said Jeff Gannon and he worked for a online conservative news blog called Talon But both of those are fakes. A short time later right when the Talon news website was seeing the its largest increase in web traffic they posted this message. 

“In order to better serve those readers across the country who enjoy Talon News content and look forward to receiving it each day, we feel compelled to reevaluate operations in order to provide the highest quality, most professional product possible. Thus, Talon News will be offline while we redesign the web site, perform a top-to-bottom review of staff and volunteer contributors, and address future operational procedures. We look forward to bringing an even better product to our readers in the future.”  

It never came back online. 

 After the January 26, 2005, press conference, scrutiny into his personal and professional background by news organizations and blogs began. On February 8, 2005, Gannon resigned from Talon News and shut down his website,

They found His naked pictures that have appeared on a number of gay escort sites, They found that his real name is not Jeff Gannon but James Dale Guckert

Gannon/Guckert would be implacted in the Valerie Plame-Karl Rove CIA leak but his background is still very much a mystery. But it looked like some undercover Psych Opps stuff to a lot of people.

Pretty much everyone wanted to know how does a guy with his kind of background, a guy who drops in seemly from nowhere and gets his press credentials from a seminar suddenly be given unfettered access to the white house?

 In fact Democratic Representatives John Conyers of Michigan and Louise Slaughter of New York were getting pretty curious and had submitted requests for Gannon’s comings and goings at the White House under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), on February 15, 2005. The Department of Homeland Security answered Slaughter’s request with Secret Service records of Gannon’s check in and out times at the White House. The Secret Service Records appear to show that he checked in, but never checked out on many occasions, and visited the White House on several days during which no press conference or other press events were held.

 Well things were getting pretty weird and some FBI agents a retired NYC police detective and Noreen Gosch began to believe that this man could be her missing son Johnny Gosch.

 Now this would only kind of make sense if he had been a victim of some kind of brainwashing program like Project Monarch. I know this sounds crazy. It looks crazy as I’m typing this out but there may just be something going on here. Plus the internet loves a weird conspiracy theory.

Noreen Gosch standing at front door which has bumper sticker on it reading Help Find Johnny Gosch referring to her son who disappeared when he was 12-years-old & is assumed to have been kidnapped. (Photo by Taro Yamasaki//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Way back in 1999, Noreen testified in Omaha Federal Court during a case involving Lawrence E. King, Jr. and the Franklin Credit Union scandal.

King, who managed the Franklin Federal Credit Union in Nebraska and a prominent fundraiser for the GOP, pled guilty to embezzlement. During that investigation, King was alleged to have been involved in, or the leader of, a child-sex group in Nebraska in the ’80s.

Noreen was testifying on the behalf of Paul Bonacci, a convicted child molester with multiple personality disorder, who claims to have helped abduct Johnny.

Bonacci says he and Johnny were sex slaves for King, who allegedly ran an infamous midnight “call boy” tour service of the White House. This prostitution scandal nicknamed the “Franklin Cover-Up” made the front page of the Washington Times on June 29, 1989.

Could this be Johnny Gosch?

 So is there any way of connecting a pedophilic White House prostitution ring with Jeff Gannon? Ted Gunderson, a retired FBI agent who’s been investigating the Franklin Cover-Up, says he has a credible source who insists that Gannon/Guckert is Gosch. Apparently Gannon has repeatedly denied these claims. Gannon has agreed to take a DNA test to prove he’s not Gosch. But he has never gotten around to taking the test, and Noreen keeps renewing the offer.

The Kidnapping of Johnny Gosch

In the weeks and months prior to Johnny Gosch’s kidnapping, the family was plagued by a string of wrong number phone calls that usually happened around 1:30am. Johnny’s father would typically answer the phone and tell his wife that it was a wrong number. On the night before the kidnapping Johnny’s father was woken up by one of these wrong number calls, he picks up and said “yeah, okay” and hung up. He told his wife it was a wrong number. This has been looked at with a lot of suspicion but it could be perfectly innocent, the guy on the other end could have said “sorry wrong number” and Johnny’s father’s reply of “yeah, okay” would make total sense.

Another little detail that people speculate about is the football game. Right before the abduction the family went to a high-school football game, during the game Johnny had wandered off to go get a snack. Well he was gone a long time and his dad went looking for him, he found Johnny under the bleachers talking to a local cop. That’s kind of strange but might also be meaningless, if it wasn’t for the fact that the police actually seemed to go out of their way to Stifel the investigation into his kidnapping.

On the morning of September 5th 1982, 12 year old paperboy Johnny Gosch was up getting ready to begin his paper route. The only thing not routine about today was the fact that his father wouldn’t be goining along him on the route. Johnny’s dad usually went along to help out, but Johnny had asked if he could go alone that morning.

Noreen was woken up around 7 a.m., when neighbors started calling the house to find out why they hadn’t received their newspapers yet. Noreen thought maybe Johnny had overslept, but when she looked in his room, he wasn’t there. John Sr. went out and to look for Johnny, the only trace of him was finding his abandoned wagon, full of undelivered newspapers, about two blocks from home.

Johnny’s parents both knew right away that something was wrong. While Noreen called the police her husband went to deliver the papers.

According to Noreen, it took the police 45 minutes to arrive at the Gosch home, even though the police department was located about 10 blocks away, and they had already dubbed Johnny a runaway.

Witness started to come forward and remembered seeing a man in a blue Ford Fairmont talking to Johnny. There was a guy in the neighborhood, a retired lawyer named John Rossi, who said he saw Johnny giving directions to the man in the car. Johnny even asked Rossi if he could help him out with giving the man with directions. Thats when the driver of the suspect’s car made a U-turn and tore out of the neighborhood like a bat out of hell, running a stop sign and speeding off.

Rossi, remembers hearing Johnny tell another paper boy that the guy in the car was creepy and that he was going home.

The guy shut off his engine, opened the passenger door, and swung his feet out on the curb right where the boys were assembling their newspapers. And he started talking about, ‘Where’s 86th Street?” Johnny turned to Mike and said, ‘I’ve got my papers loaded in the wagon. I’m scared. I’m getting out of here. I’m gonna head home.’

The man pulled the door shut and started up the engine, but before he left, he reached up and flicked the dome light three times. Then he pulled out and left.

Apparently the driver flicked the dome lights three times almost like a signal to someone else, and one of the paperboys reported that he saw a tall man walk out from between a couple of houses after the paperboys were approached by the man in the vehicle. Noreen is convinced that this was the person who snatched her son.

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