Untangling the Mystery of Bryon Macrons death.

What happened to Bryon Macron?

On December 16, 2016 in Lafayette Township which is nestled in medina county, Ohio. Trustee Bryon Macron went missing. His office was trashed and found with blood on the walls and his car was found miles away parked at Chippewa Lake. Two months later his body would be pulled from Chippewa lake even though it had been searched by local law enforcement. In July of 2017 the sheriff’s office announced an undetermined autopsy and claimed the blood in his office and car were linked to Bryon Macron alone.  No one, not even the wife agrees with the sheriff’s claim and she has continued to search for answers. In this podcast Victoria Macron (spouse) with clearance from her lawyer has granted us an exclusive 4.5 hour interview along with her retired criminal investigator who has uncovered not only the murder but is also close to solving the case. 

Who was Bryon Macron?

Left to right: Mike Costello, Linda Bowers, Bryon Macron and Shirley Bailey
  • Lafayette township trustee since 2010, when he was appointed to fill a vacancy, and was re-elected in 2015.
  • Macron was also a candidate for the Medina City School Board in 2013, but dropped out after being told he could not serve as both a trustee and school board member. He also serves as a freshman football coach at Medina High School.
  • Father of 3 girls
  • Graduate of North Royalton, grew up there. Met Victoria in 1989 who went to Valley Forge in Parma
  • Worked as a teenager at a local jewelry store
  • 1991 enlisted  in Marines. He was part of the armed and combat trained fleet anti terrorism security team (FAST) and stationed at Guantanamo Bay
  • Honorably discharged in 1995
  • Began working for jewelry manufactures that design and produce ring setting and other gold, silver and platinum fittings for jewelry. He worked many years in retail and then moved into sales on the supply side, most recently as national sales manager at Monelle Designs where he worked after a 2-year stint at AV Diamonds. 
  • Noted to travel all over the US selling to primarily to independent stores
  • Worked for various manufactures. 

“Bryon was a hard working family man. He was reliable and just a great guy. We are all saddened by the news of his disappearance,”

Shreyansh Shah, an industry colleague.

Macron Theories

Murder Lake/ Bryon Macron Updates

Everyone here at the Invisible Ships Podcast team has been working hard and looking for anything that might help to get Bryon Macron’s case reopened by the authorities. Recently some of our listeners have come across a few new pieces of evidence that might just help make that happen. And while we may not have […]


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