What do various FBI agents, a retired NYC police detective and the mother of the first abducted child to appear on a milk carton have in common? They all strongly believe that a man using a fake name and posing as a White House journalist might actually be the missing Johnny Gosch. Over the course of the next few episodes, the mysterious case of Johnny Gosch will lead us on a twisting journey through the seedy underbelly of America. Far from being just an isolated missing child case, this story has tentacles that creep from the lowest depths of human wickedness to possibly the highest office in the land.
In the Congo River Basin of Africa there is a legend of cryptid so fierce locals won’t go near the places he is said to lurk. Could this beast known as the Mokele Mbembe be Africa’s lost dinosaur? Join Rick and Dan in their abandoned FEMA bunker as they discuss this fascinating cryptid. It’s tonight on invisible ships.
Ghost, Demon or just a patch of shadow? A dark entity has been known to haunt a particular cell in the female wing in the jail where I work. This shadowy creature has been terrifying the inmates unlucky enough to see it. Some say these visits are all just hallucinations brought on by lack of sleep, but others believe they are haunted by a dark negative energy.
Predictive programing is the theory that the government or shadowy groups of powerful people are using fictional books and movies as a mass mind control tool. In this video we examine this theory. what if any evidence exists. You may be surprised by what you find.
No one knows why swarms of mysterious drones have been spotted flying nighttime search patterns over rural Colorado and Nebraska. The FAA, USAF, US Army and local law enforcement all claim to have no idea who or what is controlling them. Join us as we explore the mystery of these unexplained nighttime drones